Mexican Rice Recipe

30 April 2019

You know that one family member who can cook up a whole lot of goodness? That person in my life is my tia Georgina.  My aunt has tons of recipes that I die to learn and perfect just like her, but spin into healthier versions of the real deal, obvi!  With being almost three months into marriage, my biggest task has been to cook for two - basically four with the way Martin eats lol.

I find cooking to be so much fun though so I don't mind whipping up a few classics we can eat for a few days.  One of my favorite side dishes will forever be Mexican Rice. Anything coming from a Mexican restaurant is my jam you guys. It's my absolute favorite! So when I mentioned to my tia Georgina that I wanted to learn how to make this rice, she grabbed my spoon and like magic, I had Mexican Rice in my pot!  Making this was a lot easier than I thought it was and now I want to make it all the time BUT, I can't spoil Martin with an auntie recipe this soon into marriage.  Can you imagine the high expectations he'll have throughout month four!? Anyway, I tweaked this recipe by just choosing better ingredients and obviously had to share so, let's do this!

You'll Need

3/4 cup of jasmine rice
1 8 oz can of tomato sauce without salt
1 tbsp of oil - I use grape seed oil 
1 tsp of bouillon powder
1 cup of water

How To

1. In a pot or skillet, drop in your tablespoon of oil and let that heat up.
2. Pour in your rice and give it a stir to give the rice a nice little oil coat and then add in the bouillon powder and stir again.
3. Pour in the entire can of tomato and add a cup of water.  Stir this mixture in together and then let the pot of rice simmer over low to medium heat for about 15 minutes.
4. Check in on the rice every five minutes and stir it around to even out the tomato sauce and water.  If you need more water, add it in little by little until the rice is fully cooked.
*Note: I used saltless tomato sauce to even the sodium level up with the bouillon powder.  You can totally add a salted sauce and cut out the powder, I just love the rich chicken flavor you get from this!

Super easy right? You can even take another step and add peas and carrots to your rice but I like mine plain.  Favorite dishes to have rice with? Enchiladas, omg I am salivating.  Tonight Martin and I had this with salmon fajitas, that I should definitely write about because it was prettyyyyy yummy! Anyway, hope you enjoyed this super easy recipe inspired by aunts original.  Chat with you soon!

Melissa Victoria

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