Easy Bourbon Apple Cider Recipe

18 October 2018

 Did someone say bourbon?  One second let me take a sip.  With the weather cooling down and scary movies dominating my TV, I'm constantly in the mood to cozy up to a fall drink.  So, when Heritage Distilling Co. sent me two bottles of their Brown Sugar Bourbon, I immediately knew exactly what I wanted to make - Bourbon Apple Cider.  Can I get a HELL YES!?  This recipe is extremely easy to make and tastes so yummy.  I've had a ton of bourbon in my life, but this bottle is one of my top favorites for how sweet and versatile it is.  It's honestly no joke that BSB is an award winning bottle so please do yourselves a favor and try it.  Do you have to only use BSB to make this recipe?  No, but I do highly recommend it due to how rich the flavor is.  Trust, even my sister who only likes wine loved this stuff.  Alright, let's get into how to make this three step fall favorite drink.

You'll Need

Brown Sugar Bourbon
Apple Cider 
Red Apples

How to Make

1. In a cup, pour a friendly amount of Brown Sugar Bourbon.  I didn't measure how much because I can tell if I want my drink strong or on the lighter side.  
2. Fill the cup up to your desire with apple cider.
3. Cut a few apple slices and toss them into your drink for garnish and to also enjoy when you're done with your drink. These bourbon infused apples are da bomb, trust me!

That's it!  This is such a crowd favorite and just about the easiest thing you'll ever make this fall.  My bridesmaids are coming over this weekend to help me out with wedding stuff so I'll definitely have fun whipping this drink up for them, because they deserve it duh.  Anyway, I'll chat with you all later. Cheers!

Melissa Victoria

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