Not Soap Radio Fragrance Review

06 August 2017

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Hey hey!  With a busy lifestyle, running around has just become part of my world.  One day I'm at work, the next hour I'm meeting up with friends, the next I'm heading to a blog shoot, then before I know it, I'm jumping on the freeway to see my boy.  In a not so gross way, and I'm keeping this 100% real lol, taking body showers on a regular basis and leaving my hair unwashed for like three days is where I'm currently at right now. I go through dry shampoo a lot more often these days and I mean you know what they say, better busy than bored!  Anyway, I recently became acquainted with a fabulous sister duo that created Not Soap Radio -- a seriously holistic brand that offers some of the coolest beauty products with not to mention THE wittiest packaging.  I was super fortunate enough to try out their fun fragrances and I was pleasantly surprised to know these are basically an everyday on everything kind of spray.  By that I mean I can spray this fragrance on linen, my hair, body, in my car, the clothes in my closet, etc.  The very first thing I sprayed this on was my pillow and now I literally cannot go a morning without spraying it around - the evening scent is just SO lovely.  

I tried out a lemon + sugar scent (this one) and also a beach + blue sky water scent (this one) and can't even decide which one I like best because they both have a nice scent.  Aside from just smelling good and the funny phrases on each product, Not Soap Radio is just doing it right for us.  All of their products are botanically-based, paraben free, SLS, phthalate AND cruelty free and their packaging is, yup you guessed it, totally recyclable.  Aside from just being awesome at making do-good products, NSR also has a partnership with Red Rover, an organization that's focused on rescuing animals out of crisis and into care.  Every contribution donated to this cause is matched by Not Soap Radio and donors are rewarded with a free deluxe sample.  Does that not tug your heart strings, you guys??  Seriously though, Not Soap Radio, you all have my heart and a fan for life right over here!  To become a fan like me, lol, go ahead and check out all their products by clicking on the links above.  I'll talk to you guys again soon!

Melissa Victoria

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