DIY Summer Maxi Dress

21 July 2016

Who doesn't like a comfortable summer maxi?  Idk about you guys, but temps usually rise around July so the last thing on my mind is putting jeans on!  For that exact reason, I tend to stock up on dresses around this time of year for their simplicity and easy wear.  Not too long ago, I came across this Style In An Instant fabric during my usual weekly run at Joanns and knew it would make the most perfect summer dress.  Three-quarters of a yard, two basic stitches and 10 minutes later... I had a very cute maxi haha.  Obviously I couldn't make this type of dress without sharing, so let's go over all the details!

You'll Need:

Fabric: Shop this print here
Sewing Machine


1. To determine how much fabric you need, wrap the fabric around your body once.  Make sure you pull on the elastic when you're wrapping so when you sew it, it'll fit nice and snug.  I only used three-quarters of a yard. 

2. Turn the fabric inside out and start to pin down the two raw edges to make a tube.  Make sure you carefully align the elastic lines together for an overall clean look. As you continue to pin down, gradually start to widen out the skirt of the dress.  You're going to need a wider skirt to comfortably walk in.

3. Once your pins are in place, sew a basic stitch all the way down.

 4. Once you've reached the bottom, try the dress on and cut off any excessive fabric.

  5. Finally, run a zig-zag stitch around the bottom to lock in the raw edges annnnnnddd.. you're done!  Go off and enjoy this dress, I'll check back in with you guys soon :)

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