Taper Jean Girl

15 March 2013

Fabulosa Friday <3333

Hi all! What a happy way to start off our weekend right? It's so nice and sunny and doesn't seem to be going away for the rest of the weekend, what a treat! Anyways, today my outfit was inspired by one of my favorite Kings of Leon songs, Taper Jean Girl.  I absolutely LOVE being inspired by music, it's almost like my day has a focus of what kind of woman I want to be throughout the day. Lately, I've been obsessed with everything JEAAAAAN! Jean on Jean has never looked so amazing to me.  It might be a little weird to most, but don't be afraid to try it! Choose two shades of jean, pair them up and see how your outfit comes out :) Here's a little inspiration for all you jean lovers, happy Fabulosa Friday! 

Brocade Closet

Jean Top: Forever 21, not sure how much but they're under $20!
Shoes: Forever 21, $24.99
Brocade Closet Steal! Jean Skirt: Costa Mesa Goodwill, $5.50
Necklace: Forever 21, $3.80-BEST four dollars spent, I get so many compliments on that necklace lol

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