Clique Media Group Summer Gifting Suite Event

19 May 2018

Hey guys!  With summer just around the corner, there's so much to look forward to.  Obviously longer days, pool and beach outings are on the horizon for me, but in my personal blog life, it means summer activations.  Last week, I was so lucky to head down to Clique Media Group's Summer Gifting Suite event and you guys, the sponsors were amazing.  To say I have enough sponsors to produce summer content is an understatement haha.  From Urban Outfitters to J. Crew to Coach, I'm so excited to be geared up to produce fun posts for you guys!  The reason why I wanted to chat about this event is because I'm often asked what it's like to attend blogger events.  Beyond just Instagram stories and photos, there's a lot of fun that happens when a bunch of bloggers and influencers meet up, so let's recap this event!  

I've been to three events so far at CMG headquarters and whenever I'm invited, I say yes right away because it's always a ton of fun.  At this event, I walked right into the office and went straight back to their patio where I was greeted by the amazing Sarah King.  Sarah is the Influencer Community Manager and does such an amazing job at throwing these events.  After chatting for a bit, I was given a bag to put all my sponsored products in as well as a little card with a checklist of stations to visit.  Each station held about 3 or 4 sponsors that were waiting to gift us products.  I must've gotten there at the most perfect time because I got done with visiting each gifting station in about 20 minutes.  Again, I've been to one of these before, so to me, the faster I got done with these stations, the faster I would move onto snapping photos and mingling with new influencers.  There were three experimental stations including a braid bar, monogramming and milk bar.  I was SO hungry and the cookie I received at the Milk Bar station really helped until I saw waiters come out with bite-size food - hallelujah! 

After grabbing a few bites, I stood in line to receive a monogrammed luggage tag, powered by Coach.  We were able to choose a tag color, shape and what we wanted our tag to say.  I chose my initials and loved the way it came out!  I'll have to post a picture of it soon on my Insta because it's just to die for.  This station took quite some time because monogramming isn't something you just do in two seconds, you know?  No worries here, I was happily chatting away with two wonderful girls I met who both work in DTLA for a jewelry company.  We were so deep in our conversations that I totally forgot to exchange contact information with them - I KNOW! It was such a fail, but I'm sure we'll run into each other again!  Anyway, after I got done with monogramming, I went over to the braid bar to get my hair done before heading home.  I was able to choose whatever style I wanted and ended up getting a little half up, half down do with a braid going across from ear to ear.  It was actually so perfect that I was able to get my hair done there because I was going out afterwards, so I mean how much more of a win can that be lol!? In between all of this fun, I was able to snap photos on my phone, but luckily, the photographer at this event took high quality photos we were able to use.  

Overall, I had the best time hanging out in Beverly Hills for the afternoon.  Mingling with influencers, gifting suites and interactive stations are what make these events so much fun to attend!  Of course not all events include these fun activities, but so as long as you can chat away and make connections in the blogging world, it will always be worth it.  Anyway, I hope you guys took away an idea of what an influencer event kind of looks like.  Huge shout out to the sponsors who gifted us so many goodies.  I tagged them all below and definitely keep a look out for them on my Instagram feed!  Chat with you guys soon!

Melissa Victoria


Baublebar - @baublebar
Coach - @coach
Cuvee Beauty - @cuveebeauty
Herbivore - @herbivorebotanicals
J. Crew - @jcrew
Kate Somerville - @katesomervilleskincare
Koh Gen Do - @kohgendo
Liana Clothing - @lianaclothing
Milk Bar - @milkbarstore
Milk Makeup - @milkmakeup
Moleskine - @moleskine_world
Morgan Lane - @morgan_lane
Natori - @natoricompany
Peter Thomas Roth - @peterthomasrothofficial
Pitusa -
Seafolly - @seafollyaustralia 
Stephanie Gottlieb - @stephaniegottlieb
Urban Outfitters - urbanoutfitters

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