4 Ways to Make A Splash This Summer

17 June 2014

Season changes are really easy to go unnoticed in our daily routine, especially if we spend the majority of our days inside.  Summer is that one season that shouldn't go unnoticed, and if it is, here are a few tips of how you can freshen up and look forward to the next few months!

1. Organize your Closet

I've finally discovered a way of letting go of excess clothing and I can't really say how happy I truly am.  It's still a work in progress, but here are a few tips I've forced myself to believe while enduring the break up process:
  • If it hasn't been worn in 4-6 months, take it out.  Your closet starts to look boring because despite all the items hanging within, you still feel like you have nothing to wear.
  • Think of taking clothes out as charity, all the 'boring' items you have sitting around can happily clothe someone else.
  • Invest in brand new hangers to bring excitement to your brand new closet.
  • Only buy clothing you WANT to wear.  When refreshing your closet, look to your fashion inspiration and match their style.  You want to be excited about your clothes and not go through the same hoarding you've already been through.
  • Only keep items you WILL TRULY wear, this includes pajamas! It's common to think 'oh yeah I'll just keep this for lazy days' or 'this can be a good pajama shirt'-let's see how fast your clothes accumulates again.

2. Change up your Diet

Take this season as a season of inner change!  There's always a reason to change things up a bit, and I'd say your health is a huge enough reason.  Here's how I'm changing things up this summer:
  • Juicing, juicing, juicing.  Not a fan of vegetables?  Blend them all up together one afternoon and you'll discover the tasteful greatness that you've just created.  Have a veggie juice every day and see how quickly your body starts changing.  My favorite green juice consists of a handful of spinach, kale, one green apple, pineapple slices, celery sticks and pinch of lime. Recipe's are all over the internet, try them out!
  • Work out!  Summer is the season of heat and if you're indoor all the time, find a reason to sweat.  Hit the gym after work a few days per week or do some fun cardio outdoors.  Working out doesn't seem fun but it really only takes about 30-45 minutes of your day.  Early morning cardio is always good to directly burn fat just fyi ;)
  • Get rid of fast food.  It might be a tough process for some people but it's really easy to get rid of it once you realize how pointless it is.
  • The easiest step to changing up your diet is drinking water, ALL DAY LONG.  Processed juice and soft drinks are nice here and there but water is the way to go.

3. Go on a Vacation!

Make it a trip to remember, even if it's just for the weekend, a few days away from home does the mind and body good.  Have something to look to forward to!
  • If you want a weekend getaway, check out your local winery, resort, casino etc.  Even if it's only a short trip, you'll be inspired to continue memories out of weekend vacations.
  • Browse TravelZoo or Groupon for extensive trips!  I'm on these websites a good amount of time throughout the week, the deals are there-are you ready!?
  • Try a day-cation and go out on an adventure to the next huge city nearby.  Living in your comfort zone never exposes you to the great surroundings you'd never discover if you stayed in your own bubble.

4. New Beauty Routine

Fresh closet, fresh face.  Along with your new closet, try doing something different to your hair, skin and face.  Here are a few of my favorite new routines:
  • I'm a little late on this, but I've recently been really into skin care products.  Currently, I'm using Clinique's 3-Step Skin Care System and so far so good!  The kit comes with a liquid soup face washer, clarifying and moisturizing lotion.  Take the extra daily steps of thoroughly cleaning your face and your future skin will be so thankful!
  • It's summer, try bold lip colors!  I'm currently loving MAC's So Chaud red/orange tone-it's a great summer color.  
  • Suffering from under eye puffiness?  Slice up a few potatoes, dip them in water for a few minutes and put them over the puffiness.  It works like magic and only takes a few minutes for you to look wide awake.

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