DIY Sports Jersey Dress

16 February 2015

It took a while for me to accept this, but what’s done is done-football season is over. BIG CRY FACE RIGHT NOW!  I’m a total football chick and absolutely love the glorious season where men smash into each other for score board points, like LOVE it.  Anyways, this year I went for a sports tunic dress that I came up with in the very last minute of Super Bowl prep.  I thought I would wear my traditional team jersey and green Vans outfit, but since I was still mourning my teams ‘we almost went to the Super Bowl’ loss, I felt I would come off as a super sore loser (which wouldn’t matter because I totally am) by wearing anything Packers related.  Enter, a sporty jersey dress to my rescue!  I’ve seen a few jersey dresses online at ridiculous prices that I just wasn’t really into purchasing, so I created my own.  It’s super easy to make and fitting to any sports event-let’s go over what you’ll need!


-Tunic dress (make sure this is cotton or polyester material-steer clear from silky/chiffon fabrics)
-Number(s) of your choice
-Pins (optional)

  1. Lay your tunic dress on a flat surface and place the number(s) where you’d like it/them to be and with your pins, pin the number down.  If you don’t have pins, it’s okay just skip this part.
  2. My dad has an iron presser so I took my tunic dress with the pinned down number over to his machine to make the ironing part faster.  If you don’t have a press machine don’t freak, irons work just fine.
  3. With your iron, begin pressing the number in divided sections.  Start from the top and make your way down towards the bottom.  Press your section down for about 10 seconds, pause and repeat until you’ve reached 30 total seconds.
  4. After you’ve ironed your number down, iron around and on the number as you would if you were normally ironing clothes.
  5. Check to see if the number is fully secured, if it’s not, repeat step number 3 until the number is completely ironed on your dress.
  6. Now that you have your tunic dress ready, throw it on, accessorize it and voila you’re all done!

xo..Brocade Closet

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