DIY: Lace Cat Ears

31 October 2015

Happy Halloween everyone!  This is definitely one of my favorite holidays so I'm really excited it's here.  The sad part of Halloween is it marks the end of the spooky month and all things horror.  A few of my favorite things to do to celebrate Halloween include watching my favorite films, enjoying all the fun home decor various stores have to offer, carving pumpkins and of course brainstorming costumes.  Kitty cats are always my favorite costumes to see-they're so simple but some people get super into their cat costumes, I'm always left so impressed!  So, since it's one of my favorite costumes, I decided to make very last minute lace cat ears for all you costume procrastinators! Lace cat ears have been super popular lately and I honestly don't see the need to purchase them when they're this easy to make, and only take about an hour to finish.  Let me know if you guys make them, I'd love to see!


1. Black headband
2. Black lace - I purchased 6 inches from Joann's 
3. Pliers or other wire cutting utensil
4. Black 20mm gauge copper wire 
5. Black ribbon
6. Glue gun
7. Black thread and a needle


1. Take your wire and begin coiling around the headband.  You'll want to begin to the left of the headband and coil around just a few times.  I coiled the wire about three times and tucked the end of the wire under the headband.  With the other end of the wire, begin to form your cat ear.  This can be as short, thin, tall or wide you'd like. After you form your ears, coil the metal wire again a few times. Cut the wire with your pliers and again tuck the end of it under the headband.  

2.  If your coil is too long under the headband, go ahead and shorten the wire with your pliers.

3. Next take your lace and measure out how much you'll need per ear.  I pretty much just laid the wired headband over the lace and eyeballed around how much I would need.  You'll need to cut four even squares and use two per ear.

4. Take your two pieces of lace and place one on top of the ear and the other on the bottom.  With your needle and thread, stitch inside the wire and try to remain fairly close to the wire.  When you're done, cut the thread and begin stitching along the outside of the wire again remaining fairly close to the wire.  

5. Now that your lace has been stitched, cut the remaining lace around the ears but try to not cut too close or you'll accidentally snip the stitch you just made. 

6. Finally, take your ribbon and begin wrapping it around the wire to cover it.  I started from the bottom, where I left the raw edge of the end of the wire, dabbed hot glue directly over the wire and pressed the ribbon over the glue to stick.  Continue doing this but only dab glue under the headband to avoid running glue towards the top where it's visible.

7. Finally, cut off any other miscellaneous threads and then you're all done!  Simple right?!

 Xo..Brocade Closet

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