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05 June 2016

Summer Bathing Suits

I have bathing suits to wear for the whole year and I still can't get enough!  It's such a bad habit to WANT something new, but I seriously can't help getting excited for a new summer suit.  Clearly, I'm really into blue and pink suits since it's all my eye was really drawn to when I was putting this collage together haha. In my defense, I'm currently on the hunt for a perfect hot pink/magenta suit so that's why I couldn't help but pull pink suits in to share with you all! Some of these pieces are currently on sale at Victoria's Secret and Target and you can shop them by clicking on them :) Let me know if you find any other fun bathing suit sales, I would love to shop them!  Check in with you guys later, have a great rest of your weekend.

Xo...Brocade Closet

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