What To Gift This Wedding Season

29 March 2017

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With spring in full bloom, we can all look forward to fresh flowers, longer days and of season.  I'm in that phase of my life where my friends and family are all starting to make the venture into an everlasting commitment and sealing the deal by tying the knot.  With a few weddings coming up for me this season, two important things are on my mind: What am I going to wear and what am I going to gift?  I was present for my sister's gift opening session and I definitely picked up on a few ideas that I'm so excited to share with you all in today's post!

Something that dawned on me while opening gifts was the need for party hosting items.  Think about this one.  A young couple has just gotten married and now there's so much excitement to visit the newlyweds and see how they're settling into their home.  Alternatively, the couple may want to host their friends and family for a catch-up party where they will need more than one large dish.  Honestly in that honeymoon phase and beyond, you can never have too many party hosting items in your home.  From watching my newlywed sister, I feel like she's spent at least an hour every Saturday before hosting friends at some kind of home store trying to find something new.  Having company over will forever be inevitable for the newlyweds, so help get them party ready for every occasion!

As a little help for you guys, I selected my favorite gifts all from my friends at Pottery Barn and linked them under the pictures in this post.  Now, get to shopping and have a happy wedding season!

Xo..Melissa Victoria

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