Ice Cream Float with Halo Top

16 May 2017

What if I told you there was something called healthy ice cream?  Could a pint of ice cream really only be about 300 calories?  I'd call myself a liar but guess what...I'M NOT.  If you're not already in the know, the ice cream gods put the brains of brilliant creators together to make Halo Top and it has quickly become a must have for me.  I am definitely my father's daughter because both him and I share a common hardcore love for all sweet things - ESPECIALLY ice cream.  When I came across this fun alternative at Whole Foods, I nearly freaked out and thought 240 calories for the ENTIRE pint was too good to be true.  After a whole tasting meeting with my coworkers, I was sold.  This stuff is real and I now have the answer to a much healthier alternative to this beloved treat.

Since ice cream is life and anything that comes with it is life too, I decided to create my own vanilla float with fruity soda from Whole Foods.  I've never had a vanilla float with anything other than Coca Cola, Pepsi or Root Beer so trying a fruity soda was something new.  No regrets on that decision because it literally tasted like summer.  I'll let you guys be the judge of this simple recipe, but for now, head over here to find out what store carries all the Halo Top goodness near you!

Chat with you guys later!

Xo..Melissa Victoria 

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