Cucumber Tequila Cocktail

19 July 2017

If you know me, you know I love tequila on an extra level all summer long.  When I'm up for a drink during the warmer seasons, I always jump for tequila because it's just SO refreshing and nothing else sounds as good - other than water of course.  In this post, I wanted to share a quick cocktail I made over the weekend to celebrate something extraordinary that happened.  I can't quite share those details yet because it's a surprise that's being shared with family first, but needless to say, I obviously had to have a moment of cheers with my favorite summer drink.  Okay, let's go over what you need and how to make this yummy cucumber cocktail!  Side note: It's totally Wednesday morning and looking at these pictures makes me awfully thirsty.

You'll Need

Tequila of your choice - I used Milagro Tequila 
Flavored sparkling water - I used IZZE Lemon Lime
Spicy Seasoning - I used Tajin

How To

1. Slice your lime in half and also cut some slices of cucumber.  
2. Take your cucumbers and mash them or you can cut them up into tiny pieces. Drop the cucumber into your cup.
3. Next pour 1.5 ounces of tequila into your cup.  You can always adjust the amount and add more if you'd like.
4. Take your flavored sparkling water and pour as much as you'd like in the cup. 
5. To coat the rim of your cup with spicy seasoning, take half of a lime and sprinkle the seasoning over it.  Swipe this all over rim until you have as much as you'd like. 
6. For extra spice, you can also add seasoning into the cocktail.
7. Slip in a straw and enjoy!

Sip sip hooray,

Melissa Victoria

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