DIY Pumpkin Garland

26 September 2017

With fall completely here, now is the time where I get super excited about crafting and making fun things now until the end of the year.  When I started this blog, I really wanted to share tons of sewing and DIY projects.  Somewhere along the way, my content stopped including as much DIY content as I would have loved, so here is where I encourage myself to change that!  I have a fun mini series of DIY's coming every week in October but I figured I'd kickstart this holiday season with a decoration piece everyone needs this fall - a pumpkin garland!  Alright, let's do this.

You'll Need:
Orange Yarn
Green Pipe Cleaners

How To:
1) Start by wrapping yarn around your four fingers about 80-90 times.  The more yarn you wrap, the larger your pumpkins will be. 

2) Slide the wrapped yarn piece off of your fingers and tie the top of your pumpkin with a piece of yarn.  Repeat this step and tie the bottom of your pumpkin. 

3) Cut a piece of pipe cleaner and insert it under a loose piece of yarn or under one of the ties you made.  Next, you'll want to simply twist the wire up. 

4) Take your twine and begin sliding your pumpkins through the top of the yarn, right under the green pipe cleaners. 

5) Trim the loose ends (or tuck them into the pumpkins) and enjoy!

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