Ready to Pour Cocktails

10 January 2018

Hey guys!  How on-brand is it for my first post,  since my break and of 2018, to be one about cocktails lol.  I have never met anyone that doesn't enjoy a good cocktail and now isn't the time to introduce them to me either #bye.  Anyway, my first drink coming into the new year was of course one full of tequila, but the best part is I didn't even have to put it together - it was already made.  I tried a Bergamot Orange Margarita by Austin Cocktails and I loved every drop of it.  Their ready to pour cocktails selection is pure gold.  Trust me, I couldn't choose between the five bottles because all of them sounded amazing.  I'm definitely a vodka and tequila kind of girl, so when given the option, I went with what I loved and was not disappointed.  What really intrigued me about this brand wasn't even that it was alcohol related, but that it's a brand focused on drinking better.  Austin Cocktails uses natural herbs and organic agave nectar to make the overall drink naturally low in calories and simply a healthier option.  Something I've really learned to adopt in my last few years of life is the mentality of being able to eat and drink anything I want, so as long as it's prepared with the right ingredients.  The options Austin Cocktails provides just fit in with this lifestyle and I'm so ready to try every bottle!  Plus, ready to pour cocktails are extremely convenient, especially for us party planners that have or attend get togethers more than often.  It just totally cuts out the part where you have to think about mixed drinks and all the ingredients you have to buy, ya know?  Anyway, if you're interested, you can read all about this brand, their cocktail ingredients and where to buy them here.  Until next time, cheers!

Melissa Victoria

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