Arugula Avocado Toast

14 July 2020

Hey guess what. I'm addicted to arugula! I go in and out of loving different leafy greens and vegetables but currently, arugula is my kitchen staple. It might be because this summer heat has me only wanting fresh, heatless food and arugula is that one leafy green that pairs so well with my current craving. Anyway, because I've been cooking a lot with arugula lately, I'm so excited to host a mini recipe series with different, savory ways to eat this leafy green. First recipe is obviously breakfast related because #BreakfastQueen!

Getting my greens in early in the AM has always been kind of tricky.  My only go-to when adding anything green has either been a green smoothie or some type of egg and spinach combination, which is great but I need something new! I've had an arugula avocado toast before, but never actually made my own and to be honest, totally forgot that was even an option haha. Anyway, putting this together is super freakin' easy...and chowing down on this is just as easy, too. Here's what you need and how to make it:

1 pinch-full of arugula - enough to cover your toast
1 slice of toast 
Avocado - just enough to spread
Eggs - sunny side up or scrambled both work well
Sauce for more flavor - this is optional

How To Make
1. Toast your bread until it's as crispy as you like
2. Smash avocado over the toast until it becomes a nice spread throughout the slice of toast. You can smash this separately as you would when making guacamole, I personally like to avoid washing another dish ;) 
3. Take your pinch-full of arugula and spread this throughout your toast, on top of the avocado

4. Place your egg over the arugula and top with leftover pieces of avocado and your favorite sauce if you'd like. I topped mine with my homemade cilantro sauce for extra flavor! 

That's it! It's super easy and really only takes like 10 minutes to put together. My personal favorite part of this toast is, obviously the part where you eat it, but the extra sauce drizzle over the plate. Dipping food is my favorite, so it's nice to be able to pick up more of that flavor as you eat! I'll have to share my cilantro sauce recipe over a salsa series, I think that would be so fun! Anyway, treat yourself to a savory breakfast plus the satisfaction of getting some greens in in the morning. Next up is an Arugula Pizza so you'll want to stay tuned! 

Melissa Victoria


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