Xo, Melissa Victoria was born out of the daily inspiration I found during my time as a Fashion Publicist in Downtown Los Angeles.  As a newbie to this fast paced world, I was assigned to influencer marketing projects, but wasn't entirely sure what it was yet or what a blogger even was. After two weeks of reading countless blogs, insta-stalking bloggers, making mistakes and heading into the city for fashion related adventures, I started documenting my new career and life tips.  From there, I started writing my own fashion tips and gave Xo, Melissa Victoria a secret push.  This forum eventually became my personal online diary and my ultimate project that I seriously love so much.

I created this blog with the vision of sharing all my special DIY and sewing projects, smart and practical shopping, favorite recipe's, travel moments and any other lifestyle content I could think of.  My biggest hope out of this blog is for all my readers to leave with some type of inspiration.  Whether it's learning how to style a clothing item or picking up a new recipe, I just ultimately want this to be a basic lifestyle guide for you, from me.

Melissa Victoria

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