What to Pack: Trip Essentials

05 March 2014

Have you all seen that Jenna Marbles video about packing for a trip?  That's totally me!  I want to take everything and my excuse is always "I need options just in case something happens!" I've said this before, and I'll more than likely say it again for the rest of my life-if there's a land where procrastinators roam, I'm definitely queen of that place.  Let's cut the long story and excuses, the point is in 24 hours, I'll be in Chicago and guess who hasn't packed a single item? This girl.  I mean I've thought of outfit options but I haven't really sat down in front of my closet and styled my ideas.  So to make it easier, let's create a list.  Creating a list is the most organized way of packing because it really helps during the shopping process.  Take a good look inside your closet, try to be smart.  The less you spend on purchasing extra clothes for the trip, the more money you'll have to spend on the actual trip!  I'll start with the small and obvious items I'll need for my trip.

  • Face wash: I'll only be gone for four days, a small tube will be good enough and guess what, the travel section at Target has a grip load of options.
  • Tooth brush: I mean, obviously.  Target has fun travel packs in several colors, I think I'll take a blue one today! WAIT NO! That's a Chicago Bears color, my football team's sworn enemy, I'll buy green instead.  Phew that was close!
  • Shower products: Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, sponge...check check check check!
  • Deodorant: The options Target has are Dove and Suave.  Since I'm on the subject of sucking at sportsmanship, I'll take Dove because it's green and Suave is blue, yay me!
  • Hair products: Hair spray for my fly aways, and baby hair-got it!
  • Shoes:  Here's a trick, take your largest pair on with you to the airport.  In my case, I'm going to wear my riding boots because it takes away room in my carry on and I want as much room as possible in there!  
  • Make Up: Okay, leave your whole kit at home and only take what you know for sure you need.  I only wear powder, blush, eyeliner, mascara and lipstick. Sure, I'm tempted to take eye shadows, but with that comes brushes and then I get the idea of taking a pallet oh and my new lip gloss, and my other lipstick that I might want to wear...NO! See how easy it is to get carried away and over pack?  Essentials people, essentials. 
  • Accessories: Again, only take the pieces that you know you're going to wear.  If you have gypsy style and want to take all your rings and bracelets, cool!  Maybe you can take half on with you on the plane, but have fun taking it all off at security check in haha.
Packing small and smart is the way to go.  I didn't cover outfits because obviously it's going to depend on the type of trip you're taking, but if you limit yourself to the extra items, like the ones mentioned above, you'll be surprised with how much room you're left with in your luggage.  Who knows, maybe you're bringing souvenir's home or you're visiting your favorite shop and know you're going to bring extra stuff home.  That extra luggage space is going to be so worth it! 

Happy packing, see you in Chicago!
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