Lent Struggles: Chicken Mu Shu Wraps

18 March 2014

It's not like it's a big deal or anything because Lent only lasts 40 days, but we're almost halfway into it and I'm starting to struggle a little.  I've a had a few cheats, but I'd say I've done the best I could so far.  B and I both gave up eating at restaurants, fast food etc. and only left an option open for Subway.  That means I gave up my Flame Broiler visits, random fast food cravings, restaurant outings etc.  It didn't seem like it would be tough in the beginning until my cravings for Mu Shu wraps kicked into gear the other day.  These wraps are found at one of our favorite restaurants and immediately after my cravings I counted down days until Lent was over.  Silly me, I forgot I have an interest for practicing cooking, so away to the kitchen I went where I created my own wraps and satisfied my cravings!

I was surprised at how ridiculously easy these wraps were to make, they literally take no more than 15 minutes to put together and 15 minutes to chow down.  The best part about this recipe is whatever you don't use, toss it into a container and eat another wrap another day.  Below are all the details!


  • 1 pack of ground chicken/turkey/beef/you choose your choice of meat
  • Salt, black pepper, chicken seasoning-you only use this for a bit and only need enough for a small sprinkle
  • Quesadilla tortillas-I bought a pack because I wasn't sure how many wraps I was going to make
  • Coleslaw of your choice-I bought broccoli 
  • Olive oil
  • Teriyaki sauce
  • In a small sauce pan, pour just about one tablespoon of olive oil and turn the heat up to high
  • Toss the ground chicken (or whatever meat you choose) into the pan 
  • Sprinkle just a bit of your seasonings for taste
  • Pour just about a tablespoon of teriyaki sauce to the meat 
  • Let the meat cook and stir it around to make sure the seasoning and sauce is spread out.  Cook this until the meat gets a nice toasty brown color
  • Add in the coleslaw and mix it in with your meat constantly stirring lightly so nothing falls out of the pan.  Turn down the heat to medium and keep the combination cooking for about 2 more minutes
  • Heat up your tortilla on a pan for just about 30 seconds and place it on a plate
  • Dab a butter knife into your teriyaki sauce and spread it lightly onto the tortilla kind of like mayo to bread. 
  • When your combination is done, simply grab a spoon full and place it onto your tortilla.
  • Add as much or less meat as you want, this part is completely up to you.
  • Wrap the tortilla up in the form of a burrito/wrap and voila, you're done!

Enjoy! xo...Brocade Closet

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