Alexander Wang x H&M

09 August 2014

I've been waiting and waiting since it's announcement in April and it feels like it's never going to come.  Realistically, we're only about 3 months away from chaotic handbag girl fights and I will more than likely be participating in this event-HA totally kidding, but I might not be kidding.  If you're not entirely in the loop, for the past 10 years, H&M has been partnering up with high end designers to bring luxury meets affordable collections for fashion enthusiasts to enjoy.  I've yet to experience this shopping party, but being that Alexander Wang is the next designer, and first American designer, to be collaborating, I'm very excited.  No shade on previous designers and their bold collections, Alexander Wang in general just fits my dream closet.  The designer has a very contemporary style that's youthful, but can still be worn by several age groups, and I definitely don't have a problem in collecting fashion pieces I can wear for years to come.  In latest news, Wang gave his followers a quick sneak peak of the upcoming collection through his Instagram account here.  I'd say sporty chic, *sighhh* good 'ol fashion Alexander Wang style for sure!

The collection will be available in 250 H&M stores worldwide and online on November 6th so save your pennies and good luck!

See you there,
Brocade Closet

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