The Vanity Set

29 July 2014

Changing up my room has been a really fun summer project, it's been entertaining and full of valuable lessons.  I just recently blogged about organizing my closet and I definitely stayed true to my word about getting rid of unworn clothes.  As a result of this closet purge, I currently have about 10 items sitting in my closet-totally joking but I've dramatically cut the clothing down so I have no need for a dresser.  While most of my room is complete, I still have one item that I've been on the prowl for-the perfect vanity set.  My room is fairly small, so unfortunately, I can't have an oversized princess set.  That's okay though because thanks to my best friend Pinterest, I've learned the basics of interior design and room decoration.  Below are images of vanity sets that I'm super inspired by, I seriously can't wait to find mine!

xo..Brocade Closet

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