Hello Weekend: Can't Miss Sales

11 July 2014

Anyone in the mood to do some heavy shopping this weekend?  If you are, like I always am, you might want to consider stopping by these retailers for some super saves-thank me later ;) happy shopping!

xo..Brocade Closet

1. Enjoy buy one get one 50% at Target on clothing and more-I just bought blue palazzo pants and a tank from sad I didn't wait now!
2. Bloomingdales is hosting a 20% off sale for walk ins and 25% off if you have a Bloomingdales card, yikes! My favorite 'D' word is designer so I'm definitely stopping by.
3. Macy's is offering an extra 25% off sale on clearance and here's my secret!  Take any coupons you have, usually they send 20% off coupons via mail, show that to the register clerk and enjoy yet ANOTHER discount.  I've done this countless times and have scored MAJOR.
4. Gap is offering 30% off a single item through their online store for all you at home shoppers.
5. If you have a Nordstrom's card, shop the anniversary sale early and get first dibs on all your picks!
6. Save 30% at Forever 21 on all clearance items, make time to browse because depending on your local Forever 21, the clearance section is just full of many wanders.
7. Zara Zara Zara my favorite store ever has their end of season sale going on.  Enjoy the entire store at discounted prices, or, you can also shop from home and get free shipping if you choose to pick up your items at your local Zara location.

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