DIY: Lamp Makeover

14 October 2014

Hi everyone!  I'm super excited this evening to share with you all my newest DIY project that's super easy and fast to get done.  For about a week, I shopped every store you could think of for perfect silver colored tall lamps.  Discouraged with prices, variety and shapes I was looking at, I came to my Martha Stewart senses and decided to customize my own lamps.  This project makes for a fun crafting afternoon and only took about a half an hour to complete.  Here's how you can take a lamp from simple to glam!

You'll need:
A set of lamps-I purchased mine on Craigslist
Spray paint-Any color you desire (I got mine for $6 from Michael's craft store)
Gloves-so paint doesn't get all over your hands
Newspaper-or anything else to paint over
Lamp shades-this is optional, if you like the shades your lamps come with already then you won't need new ones.

After you put your gloves on, shake the spray paint can up a bit and spray away.  I started from the bottom and made my way up the base of the lamp.

After applying the spray paint to the entire lamp, go ahead and give it another coat to fill in spots you might've left out.  I noticed the color got brighter so I was really liking the idea of a second coat.  When you're all finished, let the lamps sit in the sun until they dry, I left them out in my patio for a few hours.

After they've sat outside for a while, add lamp shades of your choice and VOILA.  These newly transformed lamps never looked better!

Happy crafting!...xo Brocade Closet

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