Pesto Pasta Recipe: Holy Turkey

15 October 2014

I really hope you all are hungry and limited on time because I have the most delicious, not to mention super quick, recipe for you.  I haven't cooked Italian sausages in a very long time so I figured I'd stem away from my normal chicken breast and ground turkey for a bit-and let met tell you, my taste buds are so happy with me. Let's jump into the ingredients!

You'll need:

1. Italian sausages-I choose turkey sausages because my conscious was telling me to try to stay healthy with delicious proteins.
2. Shell noodles-These noodles are low in calories and made out of wheat, hello good carbs!
3. Pesto sauce-I've cooked with a variety of pesto sauces and this one is my favorite.  Don't feel too bad, pesto sauce is made with olive oil and guess what!?  If you didn't know, olive oil is good fat.
4. Veggies-I choose green beans and edamame because I thought the blend would fit in nice.  When I make this again, I'd like to mix spinach and peas in to add more greeeeeens.
5. Spices- I usually use a basic chicken flavored seasoning or garlic salt but this is totally up to you and how you'd like your sausages to taste.
6. Olive Oil- I extracted two tablespoons of olive oil from the pesto sauce just to keep the rich pesto flavor, it was a last minute idea but a brilliant one!

The first step you'll want to take is to boil four cups of water into a pot and then pour the noodles in.  Cook this over medium/high heat and let the noodles sit until they're nice and soft.  This should only take about ten minutes or so depending on the type of noodles you're using.

 While your noodles are cooking, pour your olive oil into a pan and lay your sausages side by side but not too close to each other.  Rotate the sausages often until all sides are evenly cooked, this process should only take about ten minutes.  Once they're all cooked, set the sausages on a plate and cut them into pieces.  I simply cut thin slices but you can cut them however you'd like. 

In the same pan the sausages cooked in, pour your vegetables and just quickly stir them around for about two minutes.  This process is to simply heat up your veggies and catch left over flavor from the sausages. 

By the time you're done with the veggies, your noodles should be nice and cooked.  Drain the noodles and place them back into the same pot.  I didn't add butter to the pot prior to returning the noodles just because I wanted to keep the sodium at a moderate level. 

Next, add in the vegetables, cut up sausage pieces and pour the pesto sauce over all ingredients.  Stir the ingredients together and you're done!

To finish up my meal, I sprinkled a little bit of feta cheese for extra taste-so delicious!

I really hope you all enjoy this super quick recipe, let me know how your dish comes out!  Happy cooking..xo Brocade Closet

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