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01 May 2015

So the other day, I was hanging out with my little furry nephew and realized, dogs deserve good stuff too!  As mentioned in my previous post, I'm slightly obsessed with organic products and am dying to see how well my nephew, Rocky, soaks in the lifestyle.  It's no joke he's completely bored of his current food (as I'm assuming most dogs are), so I've made a small list of holistic dog products I can't wait to test out!  See all the fun below....xo, Brocade Closet.

1. Max & Ruffy's

This is a dog treat brand that so proudly offers eco-friendly treats using only the freshest 100% organic, non-genetically modified organisms, and human-grade ingredients.  Max & Ruffy's treats come in several different tasty flavors including Strawberry & Carob, Butternut Squash & Kelp, W.P. Pizza, Sweet Potato & Alfalfa and many more.  This entire line of nutritious dog treats include both wheat and grain free dog treats and come in two packaging sizes including original and mini bites.  Shop these tasty, nutritious and inexpensive treat bags here, or click here to find out where you can shop Max & Ruffy's at your local store!

2. Himalayan Dog Chew

This dog food brand is 100% natural, contains no preservatives and is composed of milk naturally cultivated by farmers in Nepal.  These farmers are properly trained and milk about 2-5 cows and yaks every day using traditional methods-no funky tools!  Most importantly, the cattle are fed natural leaves from the forest and are held in natural pastures.  Among all yummy treats, I prefer Yaky Crunch.  Rocky has a hard time chewing hard food so this snack is perfect, not too soft and not too hard.  Ingredients include yak and/or cow milk and all natural products that produce a cheesy flavor. Learn about these products here and find out where these treats are sold here.

3. Himalayan Dog Chew

Hold on, one more product I'm adding to my check out cart-Yaky Stick! Ingredients include yak and cow milk, beef, salt and lime juice.  These sticks come in two different sizes, 6 inches or 12 inches, one for dogs under 25 pounds and another for dogs under 50 pounds.  Yaky Stick's are basically Himalayan Dog Chews wrapped around a Bully Stick without the use of binding agents or glue products.  Bully Sticks come from all free-range grass fed cattle and provide dogs with essential proteins while Himalayan Dog Chews provide them with essential minerals.  They look tasty to me, take a look for yourself here

4. The Honest Kitchen

This brand might be one of my favorites for the simple fact that they produce dehydrated pet food, and do so in a human food facility, giving it the same quality standards as foods we eat.  The Honest Kitchen uses organic products, never use GMO produce and made from the most pristine, whole food ingredients available.  This brand offers a wide variety of selections from dog and cat food to treats to a recipe book-seriously, what started out as a kitchen experiment turned into several amazing products and I'm so excited for my nephew to indulge!  Find The Honest Kitchen at your local store here :)

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