How To Stay Clean In An All White Outfit

22 January 2017

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So...who fears the possibility of ruining a white ensemble by getting horribly dirty?  This girl.  I am so accident prone that it's actually a shocker if I go a day without spilling SOMETHING on me.  Choosing to go out in all white is a bold and brave move, but it doesn't have to be as scary or uncomfortable as it seems.  In an effort to remove that fear of mine, I put myself up to the test and stepped out in an all white outfit.  I made a few notes that I couldn't wait to share with you all and guess what!  I found out that there are extra precautions you can take to avoid coming home with a few stains.  Check out my list below and if you'd like to shop my outfit, go ahead and click on the links above!

1. Eat/Drink White Colored Food

This might seem funny but it's a no brainer.  I often make the mistake of ordering a huge pot of meat sauce spaghetti and usually end up dropping a few noodles on myself.  If you are going out to eat in all white, order any clear colored drink like white wine or water and cream colored food like rice, chicken alfredo, clam chowder soup, yogurt parfait...I mean the list can go on and on.  Just pay attention to the menu and find something that you know won't leave such a huge stain if you do spill.

2. Bring A Sweater/Jacket

An extra sweater or jacket may seem like extra baggage, however, it can totally save you from accidentally sitting on something.  There's nothing like permanently staining your favorite white jeans so please take my advice and bring a jacket to sit on.  I think from this experience, I might just leave an extra jacket in my car at all times to avoid having to always remember to take one with me and also for those times where I randomly need an extra layer in between my jeans and a bench.

3. Avoid Walls & Cars

One time, I was leaving for work in white jeans and accidentally rubbed my thigh against my car.  As you can imagine, I was left with a huge black stain that I couldn't dust off, therefore leaving me no choice but to run back inside to change.  Don't let this happen to you!  Stay away from leaning against a wall or a car - the chances of getting dirty are very high.  This might be really annoying (I should know because I'm such a leaner) but it's really just a commitment you have to make to take extra care of your clothes.

That's all for now, loves.  I hope you enjoyed these little tips and please don't hesitate to let me know of any other tips you guys may have.  I'm all ears!

Xo..Melissa Victoria


  1. What an inspiring post! I always struggle with staying clean haha :)
    You look fantastic indeed! <3

    1. It's honestly something that is so inevitable for me haha! Thanks for reading, Simona!


  2. Eeek! I hate getting my white clothes dirty! I have had the same pair of white jeans for about eight years as I wear them so rarely due to fear of messing them up. Silly I know. I love your tips, I've thought to put a napkin down on a chair when sitting down but haven't thought to carry a jacket. That would be useful for park benches or places where you won't be eating and so there won't be napkins. Thanks so much for your sharing your tips :)

    1. Hey girl! Yes, a jacket is perfect for sitting on park benches etc. It's such a sad day when I try to wear all white because I just know I'm going to return home a hot mess haha.

      xx Melissa

  3. Haha love that you wrote a post on this daily nightmare! I'm always staining my white jeans and love your tips. :) xx

    1. Hey there! Yes, it's definitely a nightmare for such an accident-prone girl like me haha. Thanks for stopping by, babes!

      xx Melissa


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