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02 February 2017

Guys, my second favorite holiday is basically here and I'm STOKED.  There are a lot of things I live for and football season is definitely one of them!  Needless to say, Super Bowl Sunday is something I look forward to every single freakin' year.  This Sunday, I'll be celebrating at my parent's house and am already thinking of all the guac, buffalo wings and hot dogs my poor little tummy will be intaking (I'm gonna need a detox juice on Monday).  If you're throwing a party this year, this DIY is for you!  There's nothing like a little football decor to say farewell to the season so let's get started.

You'll Need:

Brown craft paper - I purchased mine at Michael's for 69 cents. 
Glue stick
Football stitch clipart - I found mine here or you can just draw your own on white paper.  Totally up to you.

How To:

1. Take your craft paper and tilt it to make a diamond shape. Fold it in half to make a pyramid.

2. Take the bottom right corner and fold up making a cone shape.  You're basically connecting the bottom corner to the very top corner.  Once they're connected, just stick a piece of tape inside to seal the two pieces.

3. Next, take the bottom left corner and fold up to create a cone-like shape. You're going to do some rolling and don't be afraid if you have to re-shape the first fold you made.  Also, stay aware of the bottom of the cone and try to not leave a hole.

4. Finally, take the football stitches and glue them onto the middle of the cone and you're done!

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