What I'm Packing For Seattle

08 February 2017

 Hey guys! I'm heading to Seattle, WA for the first time ever this weekend.  It was totally a spontaneous trip and I'm super excited to visit this city.  I've heard raving reviews and there's not one person who hasn't told me that I'm going to completely fall in love.  Since I've never been there before, I'm obviously a little concerned about the weather.  I know Seattle is notoriously known for its rain, so needless to say, I felt like I had to prepare.  After checking out the blogs and social media pages of a few Seattle bloggers, I had an idea of what to take with me and I felt way more at ease.  With only a carry on, I had to basically centralize my weekend wardrobe around a white coat and my black rain boots.  Everything in between just fell into my bag and obviously I wanted to share some of my favorite items.  I'll definitely snap a few pictures of everything on when I'm in Seattle, but in the meantime, check out some of my picks below.  Catch you guys in the Emerald City!

Xo..Melissa Victoria

Rain Boots: Michael Kors (shop similar here + here)
Jeans: Old Navy (shop here) // Scarf: HM (shop similar here)
Pink Top: HM (shop here) // Grey Top: Zara (shop here)
Beanie: Uniqlo (shop here) // Umbrella: (shop similar here)

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