So long, 26...Hello 27.

14 June 2017

In lieu of my 27th birthday just a few hours away, I wanted to write a quick note for you guys.  I do have to say my 26th year was pretty sweet.  I met new friends, I saw new places, I continued working hard in my career and best of all, I continued to come back to my safe place - Brocade Closet.  This year taught me that while life happens fast, it's important to make sure you remain happy.  I found myself extra busy this year juggling a career, family, boyfriend, friendships and a blog that whenever I felt the slightest unhappy feeling, I just stopped what I did and did something I knew would make me happy. Whether it was going out for sushi, snapping fun photos or just picking up the phone to talk to a friend I hadn't spoken to in a long time, making time to do what makes you happy has become extremely valuable to me.  It's so easy to wake up and repeat the same schedule every day without even noticing and honestly, being bored is not on my life agenda.  Entering my 27th year is super exciting for me!  It's an age where, God willing, I'll make positive moves in every aspect that makes me me.  I already have goals I want to achieve this year and I'm like, so pumped to accomplish them.  One goal of mine is to run with the wind more.  I'm already naturally ruled by the air, but I want to allow myself to take flight in all things I want to do and go for gold.  This is a challenge for myself since I'm also naturally super laid back and don't care to always be a shiny 1st place object.  However, I do see areas of improvement and can't wait to get started on all of this...tomorrow!  

With that I say so long, 26!  You were a growing phase for me and I can't wait to see what chapter 27 looks like.

Xo..Melissa Victoria. 


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