Summer Hair Care

19 June 2017

Hey there!  I have a confession.  I don't regularly cut my hair - AHHH! I have this thing where I really love to have long hair and then wake up one day and decide I want to chop it off.  I'm kind of itching for short hair again, but I just keep going back and fourth so we'll see what I eventually decide.  In the meantime, I maintain my hair with none other than Argan Oil.  If you haven't heard, or maybe just not in the know, Argan Oil has some super awesome skin and hair benefits.  This oil can work as a moisturizer, hair conditioner, aid in hair shine, acne and so much more.  Lately, I've felt as if the heat has been drying out my hair, so I started to incorporate this oil into my hair washing routine and the results have been satisfying.  I've tried several fun products that have totally worked to maintain the basics of my hair, but Argan Oil is just so easy to use, it smells great and love the way it makes my hair look and feel.  I don't do anything crazy when I use it - it only takes a few drops around my wet hair and ends, followed by a quick brush through my hair to spread the product around.  For best results, I usually just air dry my hair and then proceed to straight or curl.  The oil I use is actually one from Leven Rose, a Colorado all-natural based brand, that sells some of the most exhilarating skin and hair products.  Now that I know about them, I just can't seem to not browse their website and social feeds for wellness tips and ideas - I'm obsessed.  Anyway, I highly recommend Argan Oil for your hair care needs this summer.  If your hair is anything like mine, you'll need that extra boost for hair shine!  To directly shop the oil I use, click here and click here to shop all other products Leven Rose offers.  I'll talk to you guys soon!

Melissa Victoria


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