Holiday Blanket DIY

01 December 2017

You asked, I listened.  My month-long tutorials are back!  Let's get real, I couldn't stay away from DIYing for very long.  After my Halloween series, I thought about maybe doing seasonal baked goods throughout November, but it ended up being the craziest work month and I'm so glad it's over haha.  I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to put together another series of holiday crafts.  This week, my sister and I took all our Christmas decorations out and transformed our home into a little Christmas oasis.  I felt my room was lacking something and ended up making a throw.  Sure I could have bought one anywhere, but where's the fun in that?  To make this throw, you will need a sewing machine and is a beginner project for anyone who can sew. Don't worry, this DIY series will include projects that do not require a sewing machine!  Anyway, this blanket was made in four easy steps.  Let's get started.

You'll Need

1. 2 yards of holiday fabric and 2 yards of fleece with a width of over 42" (for both fabrics).  I purchased this holiday flannel fabric at Joann.
2. Pom pom trimming - The width of my flannel fabric is 42", so I bought twice the amount of trimming to attach to both ends of the throw.
3. Scissors, pins and sewing machine.

How To

1. Lay your fleece and flannel fabric on top of each other.  If your fleece is wider than the flannel, you'll want to go around the edges and cut the fabric to make sure both pieces have equal measurements. 

2. Take your pom pom trimming and lay it out directly on top, and along the edge of the fleece.  Make sure the poms are facing in and not out (see picture).  Cut the other half of the trimming and attach that piece to the bottom end of your throw.  If you'd like, you can pin down the trimming to keep it in place for the next step.

3. Take your flannel and lay it on top of the fleece making sure the right side is in.  It should look more like a blanket now.  You'll then just need to pin the fleece, flannel and trimming together then take it to the sewing machine and sew a basic stitch on all four sides of the blanket.

4. Before you sew all sides together, choose whatever side, that doesn't have the trimming, and leave a 6-8 inch gap.  You'll need this gap to pull the blanket inside out to reveal the right side of the flannel up and the pom trimming out.  Once the blanket is pulled inside out, run the gap through the sewing machine to close it up.

All done!

I made this throw a few days ago and I've been carrying it around everywhere ever since.  It's so soft and warm, I just love it!  If you don't sew, you can still make this blanket, without the poms, in the form of a "tie blanket".  To do this, you'll just need to lay out the fabrics together with right sides out, cut 4" slits going IN to the blanket and then tie the bottom slit to the top slit and bam, you're done.  Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed my first Christmas tutorial!  Cheers to a month long worth of fun content.

Melissa Victoria

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