How to Conquer Black Friday This Year

23 November 2017

Gozon Stripe Mini Dress

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Hello lovelies! Who is ready for the crazy wave of holiday shopping and Black Friday?  I've been ready since September 1st and I'm just so excited it's finally acceptable to dive straight into all things Christmas.  I know I know, we have to get through Thanksgiving first, but can a girl be excited!?  I guess the first step to realizing Christmas is upon us is none other than Black Friday.  Let's all take a moment to breathe in and out before we start talking about National Shop Until You Drop Day.  I worked retail for years and years and this might sound crazy, but Black Friday was my FAVORITE day to work ever.  I actually considered working retail this year just for the thrill of it, but then there's always the option to actually shop fun sales.  I feel people usually head to huge stores or malls to shop and coming from both the employee and consumer end, I think I've very well come up with tips to get the most out of the earlier hours of your shopping spree.  Alright are you guys ready? Let's get started!

Gozon Stripe Mini Dress

1. Browse the Internet

Checking in on your favorite stores to see if they have any markdowns or Black Friday ads will save you so much time!  The worst is showing up to a store, expecting some kind of deal and then walking right back out disappointed.  Don't waste your time doing this.  If you're thinking of heading to the mall anyway, I would probably just do a walk through the day before Thanksgiving to scope out any signs of deals.  Honestly, just even ask an employee!  I remember people would always ask me about Black Friday deals and I'd spill them all out.  A sale isn't a secret and people will WANT to give you a heads up of what to expect so you can make it a point to go shop with them. 

2. Shop Online

This is my favorite way to spend Black Friday.  Yes, you can leave Thanksgiving dinner early to join all the crazy shopping, but you can also pull out your laptop and shop all your favorite online shops remotely.  Chances are your favorite stores may have already begun their Friday sales, thus making the overall experience way less stressful.  For example, womens online store, had a flash sale this week and I feel it was only a preview of what's to come this Friday.  All those who have signed up for their email newsletters were (and will be the first) to receive VIP Black Friday deals, exclusive coupon codes and new arrivals previews.  I would definitely recommend to sign up for newsletters prior to this Friday.  Because you are shopping remotely, you won't exactly have store hours, therefore you'll need to have some kind of notification, right?  If you haven't already added Gozon to your list of places to shop at this Friday, please do!  They're always adding new styles, their shipping time is beyond quick and gozon clothing is simply the epiphany of girl next door meets cool.  You'll find many gems, like the dress I'm wearing in this post, there!

Gozon Stripe Mini Dress

3. Make a List

Be real with yourselves and think about what you want to buy and where you want to buy these items.  I have a few things I've been eyeing and know exactly where to find them the morning of Black Friday.  I went shopping one time and had no idea what I wanted.  I went with the mentality of, "Oh, I'll see what I find." and left with things I didn't really need or want haha.  I recommend you think of the what's happening next in your life and what you will be using most.  For example, I'm eyeing white dresses and anything wedding related because that's the next big thing going on in my life.  If you live in an area that requires you to use warmer jackets, maybe plan on purchasing a new one for winter!  Maybe I'm just a list type of gal, but that's the closest I can get to being organized and efficient.  Running around the mall, on one of the busiest shopping days, without an itinerary is like a death sentence.  Make. A. List. 

Gozon Stripe Mini Dress

4. Set a Budget

Here I go again with my budget talk - I swear I've become my fiancé.  Listen, you might really love a beautiful maxi gown from store A, but store B might have a similar dress for half the price.  Familiarize yourself with stores you might not regularly shop at, get to know their merchandise and compare prices and sales.  Search 'floral maxi gown' and I bet you'll find several options at many different stores.  Yes, this might be a day to splurge, but there are ways to keep that splurge to a minimum.  If you're shopping clothes, think of all the womens trendy clothes and contemporary boutiques out there!  This might seem like conducting research, but if you're willing to set a budget, you should be willing to browse for the BEST deals you can find.  That, my friends, makes you a pro-shopper!  Again, make a list of items you want, put a price tag on each item and then eliminate the items you don't REALLY need to stick to your budget.  Getting more bang for your buck wasn't a term coined for nothing, ladies (and men!).

Gozon Stripe Mini Dress
Gozon Stripe Mini Dress
Gozon Stripe Mini Dress

Woah, are you guys excited to shop this Friday or what??  I hope you guys enjoyed my list and if you have any other tips, please share in the comments below or drop me a line on Instagram.  Anyway, I hope you find all the items you're wishing for this week.  Don't forget to shop my outfit via the links above!  Happy shopping, lovelies. 

Melissa Victoria

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