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09 November 2017

Thank you, Farmhouse at Roger's Garden, for hosting us!

Hey there!  Last night, I enjoyed a quiet GNO with my local Style Collective sister's and we were so fortunate to have been hosted by Roger's Garden's restaurant, Farmhouse. This was my first time dining at Farmhouse and it will definitely not be my last as I'm super into farm-to-fork style dining.  I was thrilled to have met owner and executive chef Rich Mead himself, along with the rest of the staff that were seriously so hospitable the entire evening.  In this post, I just wanted to share a recap of what we ate/drank, who my SC sister's are and what I wore - of course.  What do you guys want to start with first?  Did I hear food?  Nice choice.  Let's dive in!

What We Ate...and Drank

As soon as we arrived, we were met with the most amazing assortment of cheese and vegetables.  I mean this table was so dreamy, not because I'm a huge cheese lover, but just in general for me because I'd been craving fine cheese and dried cranberries all day long #winning!  Our hosts complimented this cheese assortment with wine, of course, in which I went for the rose - shocker.  I believe I tried the Mont Gravet 2016 Languedoc and just remember it tasted like everything I wanted to drink in the moment.  Anyway, small plates were served throughout our girls night including a mushroom pizza, soup, salmon and potato bites and even dessert.  It was just enough to taste that farm-to-fork freshness, which seriously makes a world of a difference to me.  Aside from the food and drinks, I just really loved the overall ambiance of this restaurant.  It's so romantic and even now with the holiday lights up around Roger's Garden, it takes the overall setting to another level.  Anyway, if I don't have you convinced yet, check out their website and menu in the link below.

My Style Collective Sisters

Okay so remember that time I went to my first Style Collective meet up back in April?  Since then, I've kept in touch with some of the girls I met that evening and have been so surprised and happy to see them around at different events.  My friend Caitlin, Jewelry Designer of Boy Cherie, is someone I chat with the most and is now the Orange County Style Collective regional leader!  She did a fantastic job at getting us together and just jumping into a new role to bring unity amongst the Orange County girls.  Nice job, Caitlin if you're reading haha.  Then there's Mindy of the Threads n Breads blog.  I met her at the Spring Style Collective meet up and she's actually a founding member of Style Collective, which is super rad.  Anyway, even prior to meeting her, I followed her on Instagram and it was such a surprise to me that she is also behind online jewelry shop The Songbird Collection.  But, she actually wore these amazing earrings last night and through conversation is when I realized she owned the shop and the earrings were from her shop lol.  Seriously the talent in this group is amazing.  

Also in attendance last night was little miss makeup guru, Kristina from Laugh Love & Hippie.  This girl is my spirit animal and just throws off these super fun and positive vibes.  When I first met Kristina, I thiiink she might have been new to the blogging world, but I know she was new to Style Collective and literally she just fit right in and it was awesome.  Her Halloween makeup tutorials this year were off the wall amazing.  You have to head over to her Instagram to check them out.  Also in April, I met Marshel of the cutest blog, Between YouNMe.  I love thoughtful reads and seriously appreciate a blog that just cuts down to the real real and shares content every woman can relate to.  Marshel and I actually hung out at StyleCon this last weekend and she's just such a good time.  There's nothing more I love than to read someones content, connect to their voice, meet them in person and feel like you've known them this whole time.  Last but certainly not least, we had a new member in attendance last night! Lea of the Grecian Girly Girl Instagram account belongs to the Pharmaceutical world but shares her fashionable side through social media.  I really loved that she came out last night because we totally connected over both being deep into our careers we don't necessarily want to quit, but love to blog on the side because it's fun.  She came with so many questions and I just loved that as a group, we were able to share tips and basically take her into our Style Collective wings haha.  

What I Wore

A few months ago, my sister was fortunate enough to visit the Michael Kors distribution center with her friends and shop their warehouse.  Yes you read that right, it gets better.  It was such an exclusive shopping event and luckily, she was able to pick up a few things for her little sister - me!  One of the pieces she brought home with her was this long sleeve, leather dress.  I believe the retail cost was over $200 and, this is where it gets good, she got it for $10.  Uh huh.  They really wanted to get rid of their last season merchandise or something!  I wasn't able to wear it for months because the weather just wasn't right.  Enter fall and all its glory, long sleeve, Michael Kors, ten dollar dress comes out.  Also part of my ensemble last night were pink velvet booties I purchased from Zara during their end of season sale in June and pink and white SUGARFIX by Baublebar earrings, that you can shop here.

Overall, I'd say last nights GNO was successful, but even more, I'm just so happy to be part of a community of boss babes with different walks of life.  We individually are so different, but come together to celebrate the common factor of supporting one another during our blogging adventures.  I can't wait for our next round, ladies!  Anyway, special thank you to Farmhouse at Roger's Garden for hosting us and to Caitlin for bringing us together.  Make sure to click the links in this post to visit this restaurant and the bloggers who came out.  Chat with you guys soon!

Melissa Victoria

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