Fall Fashion Trend: How to Wear Lace This Season and Beyond

10 November 2017

Gozon Lace Midi Skirt

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Hey hey!  I have to admit, keeping up with fashion trends can be a little exhausting.  I say exhausting because they always change from season to season and as a style blogger, I know how much time we spend shopping to keep our content relevant haha.  I spend so much time browsing womens trendy clothing shops to stay with the times, but something that irks me is wearing a trend one season and then it not be as cool the next.  To this, my advice is to change it up!  Yeah new fashion trends come up, but that doesn't mean your oversized jacket has to be consigned.  It just means you need to find ways of re-wearing one trend with another.  For example, lace is a trend most sought after during the holiday season.  Stripes are also super popular around spring and fall.  When you combine both trends, this is what you get!  It's simple matching, but trust me, I know tons of friends who have a difficult time wondering if two different textures or patterns even make sense.  I'm here to tell you IT DOES.  Currently, I want to wear this lace skirt in multiple ways with several other seasonal trends, so I'm going to jot them down below for you guys to also take inspiration.  Okay, let's do this before I forget my thoughts.

1. Crisp white button up with a thin leopard belt around the waist.
2. Tucked in chambray top with hot pink lipstick and nude heels. 
3. Solid colored black long sleeve with a pearl necklace.
4. White t-shirt and jean jacket.
5. Light grey sweater and silver necklace.

Gosh, can I just wear this skirt for a whole week straight?  I think this is why I'm such a fan of the lace trend.  It's so romantic during fall and winter, yet ridiculously girly year round.  As of now, obviously I'm looking forward to wearing this skirt in the ways mentioned above, but definitely looking forward to throwing it on with a tank top and sandals over the summer.  Anyway, this skirt is from a womens online store based in Los Angeles called Gozon.  I was made aware of this shop by them and I haven't looked back since.  Everything on their website is so up to date with current fashion trends and I just love their affordable pricing.  To my point earlier about browsing trends online, shopping with Gozon cuts that time in half because they more than likely have what I'm looking for haha.  The only time added is trying to figure out what color you'd like!  Anyway, I have a mini trip to pack for so I will leave you guys for a bit now.  Don't forget to visit Gozon and remember to sign up for their newsletters to be the first to receive VIP Black Friday deals, exclusive coupon codes and new arrivals previews.  To shop this skirt, simply click on the link above.  Happy weekend!

Melissa Victoria

Gozon Lace Midi Skirt
Gozon Lace Midi Skirt
Gozon Lace Midi Skirt
Gozon Lace Midi Skirt
Gozon Lace Midi Skirt
Gozon Lace Midi Skirt

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