How to Confidently Choose Your Wedding Dress

21 March 2018

Hey guys!  As promised via Instagram, I wanted to start sharing super fun wedding content that touches all the subjects I love!  From decorations to DIY tutorials, to styling wedding events, I want this process to be fun for everyone.   I was so against this in the beginning because I didn't want to oversaturate my feed with wedding content and be that girl that doesn't shut up about her wedding - lol.  Along the way, I realized I needed as much help as I could to figure this all out and I mean if I needed a little guidance, I'm sure someone else will need it too.  There's first of all so much to cover when it comes to weddings, like finding the perfect dress.  My wedding dress story was truly a moment that was meant to be.  That dress was hanging on a rack waiting for me to find it out of the blue and that's exactly what happened haha.  Here's how it happened:

A few weeks ago, I invited my bridesmaids and mom to go wedding dress shopping.  I knew what my dream Pinterest dress looked like, so this trip was only to test out different styles to see what fit well and if I liked something other than my Pinterest dream.  Sure enough, I loved two different styles.  One style was completely out of my dream list and the other was close to my dream dress, but not quite the one.  I wasn't at this bridal shop to actually buy a dress anyway, so I was just happy to start forming an idea of what I was truly looking for during the next round of shopping.  Two weeks later, I had basically an entire week off from work, so free time was a gift.  My sister and I decided to visit the same boutique she purchased her wedding dress from just for fun, and that trip became a little more serious when I began trying on multiple gowns.  The consultant I worked with was amazing.  She actually pulled a gown she wanted me to look at as an example of a certain style (it's so hard to be specific without giving out my details haha) and as soon as I tried it on, I dropped my jaw and knew that's what I wanted.  From there, I only requested to see something similar and ultimately left with two gowns I equally loved.  Because this trip was so spontaneous, I knew I had to come back anyway with my mom, so I had time to think.  Over the following week, I looked back and fourth at my pictures and knew exactly what dress I wanted between the two options.  Both were incredible in my eyes, but one just completed my every desire in a gown.  My mom, sister and I went back to this store last week and upon trying the dress I knew I wanted, it made absolute sense and was SO eager to say #YASSSSSS - so I did.  

From this experience, I took away some tips I think every bride should consider. Let's list them so it's easier to navigate.

1. It's okay to try multiple styles on.

You really never know what you are going to love or end up with!  I was absolutely not looking for the style I went with, but was able to make changes to my gown to turn it into my dream dress.  There were so many reasons as to why I pushed this style out first and am so glad I gave it an opportunity.  I would have missed out on what was meant for me!  Still, it took just a chance to see if I would like this style and I totally did.  So try them all on, you have nothing to lose.

2. Invite your bridesmaids.

When shopping for a wedding gown, you feel so vulnerable lol.  This sounds funny but it's so true.  I feel like I was lost in a haze of questions and positive opinions.  First of all, I have the best bridesmaids because my first round of dress shopping was full of ooooh's and ahhh's even when the dress wasn't that hot lol.  It's nice to receive positive sentiment during this process and it's even better when your people are patient.  The last thing you want is to go with people that are going to hurry you up or get mad at you for not being selective, you know?  This is a happy time!  Only bring people who you know will let you make the decision YOU want and not what they want.  

3. Don't feel pressured.

I hate to say this, but my first shopping experience was like bleh in terms of the service.  Just like feeling confident in the gown you choose, you will also feel confident in where you are shopping.  The first boutique I went to was so adamant about trying on gowns they wanted to pull for me.  Only in the end, was I given the option to browse through gowns that I was loving in the moment, but was also told I wouldn't find anything nicer than what I already had on lol.  This didn't sit well with me and any comment I made about how much I loved a gown was turned into a serious behind the scenes conversation of, "If you love this gown, DO NOT try any others on and say yes to this one" lol.  Anyway, if you feel like you run into a consultant that doesn't let you explore options for YOUR wedding dress, don't feel pressured to stay.  Thanks for the mimosa anyway!

4. Take pictures and sleep on it. 

If you find yourself torn over a few gowns, sleep on it!  Honestly it's the best thing you can do.  The last thing you want is to say yes on a limb and then go home and instantly regret.  I was so happy to have found options and reflect on which one I truly loved.  I asked my sister to take pictures and that helped so much!  When you go home, sit down and scroll through your pictures to see if the love is still there.  I tried one dress on and in the moment, I LOVED it.  When I looked at in the picture, I realized there were parts of it that I wasn't too hot on.  I had nothing bad to say about the second dress I loved and held onto the fond memory of how that gown made me feel when I first tried it on.  If feelings don't change after you've looked at your pictures all day long and slept through it, you know you've found the one!

5. Don't overthink it.

The truth is you can go to ten boutiques and will more than likely walk out with a favorite at each location.  While I would encourage you all to not do that, I understand some brides want options!  The reason why I don't encourage that is because it causes you to start overthinking things.  Trust me, I'm the thinking queen and even I had to stop myself from making an appointment at two more boutiques haha.  I know you just want to make sure you've found the perfect dress, but it's true what they say.  When you know, you just know!  As soon as you have that head over heels feeling, I would just stop there and follow instruction number four above haha.

As if I even have advice for brides!? This post dragged out a lot longer than I thought it would, but I'm so happy it did because it's everything I think any bride should consider when dress shopping.  I think this is the process I'll miss the most, but am so relieved to have done.  Always remember your look is important and that's what you absolutely do not want to regret or take lightly.  Anyway, I hope these little tips help any future bride and don't forget to check back in for another wedding post soon!

Melissa Victoria

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