Reversible Table Runner

14 March 2016

Hello and happy Tuesday!  I've been away for a little while taking care of school and juggling with finding the perfect balance, womb womp.  It's life but you guys know me, I always come back to my little blog.  Anyway, I've been meaning to make a simple table runner for a while now but couldn't figure out the best time until now!  I love Spring and figured it would be super fun to whip out those pastel fabrics and add some color to the kitchen, but then I also really wanted to see Easter come to life in our kitchen as well sooo.....reversible table runner it is! Let's go over the materials :)

You'll Need

-2 yards of two different fabrics (depending on your table length)
-Matching thread
-Measuring Tape


1. Leave both fabric pieces folded in half lengthwise and cut along the folds

2. Set both fabrics on top of each other making sure the right sides are facing one another

3. Pin all around the edges and leave a six inch gap towards the top 

4. Sew a basic stitch about an inch off of the raw edges, making sure to not forget about the six inch gap

5.  When you've stitched all along the edges, cut off any extra fabric

6.  Begin to flip the table runner inside out through the six inch gap

7.  Finally, locate the gap and run a basic stitch to close the runner.

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