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16 November 2016

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Top: Forever 21 Bodysuit (Shop similar style here + here + here ) // Jeans: HM (Shop similar here + here + here) // Shoes: Urban Outfitters (shop similar here + here) // Felt Hat: Forever 21 (Shop similar  here + here) // Sunglasses: Ray Ban (shop here)

You guys, I'm stuck in limbo over here! We're half way into November and it's literally 80 degrees out.  A few years ago, I worked for a small company that operated out of both California and Virginia.  I'd often call the Virginia receptionist and talk all about the weather because I was so fascinated with how cold it was out there and how hot it was here.  While she talked about her 50 degree weather, I kind of felt horrible telling her I spent the first few hours of Thanksgiving at the beach *insert palm to face here*.  Still, I enjoyed conversing with her and painting an image of what fall looked like somewhere else and all I'd wear if I lived in a place like Virginia.  That's the thing about fall in Orange County though!  Because our weather is so warm 75% of the year, we lose out on pretty coats but we do gain the creativity of establishing our own kind of fall style.  Who's to say we can't wear felt hats when it's 80 degrees out!?  It's fall!  I like to say my fall style is all about transitional items and making the basics work.  If you can look like fall without causing yourself heat exhaustion - do it. Check out my fall look below for a little more inspiration and don't forget to shop my look above in the links.  Talk to you guys soon!

Xo..Melissa Victoria

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