Eggs and Bacon Costume

07 October 2019

This is Halloween, this is Halloween! I can’t believe my Halloween costume series is here and per yesterday’s post I can’t believe I’m writing this lol. This year, I thought it would be fun to incorporate a series with my son, Nacho, because it’ll be the first year we celebrate one of my favorite holidays together! Growing up, I had a dog that my mom dressed up every year and going into this year, I knew I would have to do the same for my little boy. Finding ‘dog and me’ costumes is kind of hard though because the selection out there can kind of be limited so in true Melissa fashion, this year I’m thinking up fun and super inexpensive ways to dress your furry friend up. This week, we’re each others’ favorite breakfast combination: bacon and eggs. Alright, let’s learn how to make these costumes, that mind you cost all but $5 to make lol. 

The Bacon Costume

You'll Need:

1/2 yard of brown fleece (this will depend on the width measurement of your pet)
5 inches of pinkish/red fleece 
Wire - I used floral wire
Glue gun and scissors

How To:

1. Measure the length from the neck of your dog to its tail and add 10 more inches. You'll need this extra room to create the neck insert. I added 10 more inches because I have a big dog so his neck is wider. If your dog is small, I would probably only add 5 more inches!
2. Rough draw a circle on the fleece that will fit through your dogs neck. I honestly just eyeballed it, but the proper and most accurate way to do this is to measure your dogs neck, divide that by two and let that be the diameter of the circle you cut out. 

3. Take your wire and cut two pieces that match the same size as the length of the fleece.
4. Flip the fleece over and put one piece of wire on top of the fleece and towards the edge. Fold the edge over to seal the wire in and glue gun it shut. Do this all along the length of the fleece and repeat on the other side. Turn the fleece back over to the right side. 

5. Using the pinkish/red side of the fleece you bought, cut out swiveled 1-2" strips and glue those down on the right side up of the costume. 
6. Crinkle up the sides of the fleece to resemble a slide of bacon and you're done!

The Egg Costume

You'll Need:

White poster paper
Yellow colored paper
Safety pin
Glue gun

How To:

1. Draw the outline of a sunny side up egg on your white poster paper (I eyeballed this) and cut it out.
2. On the yellow piece of paper, cut out a large circle to represent the yolk and glue it to the middle of the egg white.
3. Pin the sunny side egg to your shirt and you're done! 

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