The Lion and The Tin Man Costume

27 October 2019

Hi! I'm back with another doggy and me costume that I've actually been wanting to do for YEARS.  Growing up, I had a yellow lab that I always wanted to put in a lion costume and sadly never did, so Nacho got the short end of that costume wish haha. To be fair, Nacho's personality definitely matches The Lion from The Wizard of Oz! My big guy is a rescue and super scared of a lot of things, if not all the things lol. I'd say it's super cute but also really sad that he's so anxious! Anyway, this costume was SO easy to put together and took very little effort.  All I did was add a red felt heart to a dress I already had and made a "funnel" out of silver card stock paper. I'll link Nacho's lion costume and a few silver dress options you can get on time before Halloween! Okay, here's how to make this costume:

You'll Need

Lion Mane: I got this one from Amazon
Silver Dress: I love this + this + this
Red felt: I got this at Joann's
Silver card stock: Also got this at Joann's 
Bobby pin 
Glue gun or safety pin

How To

1. Draw a red heart on your piece of red felt and cut it out. My heart was about 2 inches tall and wide but this depends on how big you want your heart! 
2. You can either glue this on to our dress or safety pin it. I pinned mine to be able to continue using my silver dress without it looking like a costume haha. 

3. To make your funnel, you'll simply lay your card stock paper down horizontally. Take the bottom left corner and roll up until you make a cone. Flatten this down and cut the cone. From there, you can decide how tall you'd like your funnel to look, mine was about 3 inches tall.  Add tape to the inside of the cone to secure its shape or you can glue gun it down!

4. To pin your cone down, you can either glue this on to a headband or take a bobby pin and poke a hole in the front of the cone and one to the back. Slip the bobby pin through the holes and run the pin through your hair. You might need an additional pin to secure. 
5. Put your dogs lion mane on and voila! 

Easy right!? Not all Halloween costumes have to be made from scratch and I think this is a great example of that.  Just a little effort to make the point works just fine! Anyway, I'm going to try to squeeze in another DIY before the big day so stay tuned! 

Melissa Victoria

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