Maternity Wardrobe Staples

10 February 2022

Okay, back to my favorite subject. Fashion! When I found out I was pregnant, I had no idea what I was in for clothing wise. To start, I love to dress up, so as my body started changing, it was really hard to keep it together lol. Straight up, maternity clothes are not the cutest, but they serve their purpose and that's something to be thankful for. As soon as I hit 6 weeks, I was extremely bloated and it only got worst throughout the rest of first trimester sickness. My stomach went down from week 13-18, but as soon as I hit 18 weeks, my regular jeans said bye see you later lol. Every trimester required something new, so in this post, I'm rounding up my favorite go-to pieces that still helped me feel like me. Okay let's do this!

1. Leggings

Workout leggings and casual leggings were an absolute must for me. Pre-pregnancy, you'd either catch me running or practicing yoga, so continuing on as much as I could was on my agenda. For the most part, I stuck to yoga to keep it light, but hit a curveball when my workout and regular leggings stopped stretching lol. I hit the store and found a few options, but here are my top three leggings that I loved!

Martin bought me these Lulu leggings long before I was pregnant and was able to use them for yoga throughout these nine months. I loved how well they stretched with my belly and still felt like butter! That was an issue with some other leggings I bought. As I grew, I felt constricted or couldn't move without feeling uncomfortable. These are a great investment though because you can definitely use them before and after! Another pair I loved were my Z by Zella leggings I found at Nordstrom Rack. These were great workout leggings that helped support my belly throughout yoga sculpt and pilates classes. I wouldn't recommend these as leggings you'd use for regular prenatal yoga as the stretch is a little tight, but if you're working with weights, I'd definitely use these! Finally, basic leggings were an absolute must. I needed something casual for my work from home situation and workout leggings weren't always the most comfortable. These Motherhood Maternity leggings from Target did just the trick for a relaxed and comfortable look. Throw a tunic over and you're good to go! 

2. Maternity Jeans

I gave into maternity jeans when I was 20 weeks pregnant and still remember being SO excited when I received my first package from Motherhood Maternity. Jeans were something I didn't expect to love and after going through a few different types, these were the best! I'd buy this exact pair in multiple washes if I could, but I stuck to just blue and black. The only downside about maternity jeans is the constant need to pull them up lol. They're designed to stretch and they're super comfortable, just a little annoying when they slightly fall and you have pull them up. Still, these were my favorite and recommend at least 2-3 pairs!

3. Maternity & Regular Tops

Keep it basic! I generally love classic long, short and tank tops and even though I still fit into my other basic tops, having a few more options helped keep it comfortable. I bought a few from Motherhood Maternity too and paired them up with jeans and booties and called it a day. When I wasn't wearing a maternity top, I'd honestly just wear my regular oversized sweaters or as I grew, just size up of something I'd normally like, like a button up shirt that'd look great oversized anyway. I tried to not shop as much for tops though since I knew this was only temporary and didn't necessarily need to create a whole new wardrobe of clothes that would only fit for 4 months, ya know? In general, just shop a couple of actual maternity options and leave the rest to something you know you can wear postpartum. H&M has great stretchy options all around and loved popping in there to find something that'd work for pregnancy and beyond. 

4. Dresses

I lived in summer dresses during my first trimester! I wasn't showing yet, but I was so bloated and hot that nothing else sounded appealing. Dresses were my saving grace and as the weather became colder, I only purchased a few more long sleeve options to keep me comfortable and warm during the day. If you're pregnant during the warmer seasons, you'll want to stock up on maxi dresses and trust me, the looser the better so you can make them work throughout your pregnancy. You also don't have to run to a maternity store for this! So many stores have fun options, you just have to keep it stretchy and nothing that has a zipper because it eventually won't zip up haha. 

5. Undergarments 

Something most don't think about is the comfort of your underwear and bra. I don't even remember when I stopped wearing my regular bras and I don't know that I can ever go back to them lol. Sports bras worked for me until I outgrew them or they too just didn't feel comfortable anymore. I purchased a 5-pack of maternity/nursing bras to try on Amazon and LOVED them. Obvi I went back for more colors and strap sizes and honestly such a win because I know I'll use them as I hopefully breastfeed. Underwear wise, seamless panties are the way to go, at least for me! You want something that barely feels like it's there and nothing that's going to feel restricting. I purchased some from Victoria's Secret Pink and Target and they did just the trick. 

Other than this, I'd add in a comfortable (and well cushioned) pair of tennis shoes, sandals and slippers! Carrying extra weight around requires your feet to be in good company to help with back pain and all that fun stuff. I thankfully didn't really have achy feet and the very few times I did, I just stretched them a little extra during Yoga class. Anyway, let me know here or on Insta if you have any questions. So happy to help! Growing can make you feel all sorts of emotions, but dressing up however makes you feel great will keep you feeling even better. Chat soon!

Melissa Victoria

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