My Top 5 Pregnancy Products

03 February 2022

Hello, February + BIRTH MONTH! To say this pregnancy flew by is an understatement. It only feels like it was slow when I pause to think about everything Martin and I have learned and been through together over the last nine months. For me personally, it's been a time of trial, error and fortunately success! With pregnancies being so different from woman to woman, it was hard for me to share 'must-have pregnancy products' every trimester! First of all, it takes some time to figure out if something works anyway, and after going through this pregnancy, I've definitely found major success in some items I feel confident saying have been my absolute go-to products. Listen up momma's in the making!

1. Pregnancy Pillow + Extra Pillow

This is a must and something I'm sure you've heard everywhere else. I started using this pillow during my first trimester when I felt nauseous and it really helped elevate my head to minimize gagging. As I grew, and sleeping on my left side became more prominent, the weight felt like it slammed my rib right under my chest. I spent my entire second trimester feeling like my rib was forever bruised until I started putting a second little pillow on the other side of my back to help even out the weight - game changer! This is probably why people purchase the U-shaped pillow, my sister actually gave me her L-shaped one, which completely worked anyway. All in all, you definitely need one!

2. Belly Lotion 

In my second trimester, I felt a tiny little itch that was probably not related to stretchy skin (lol) but it freaked me out. That same day, I bought three stretch mark preventing products and two of them made my favorites list. The first is this Mama Mio Tummy Rub Butter and second is Burt's Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter.  I honestly loved both of them equally but both felt slightly different. The Burt's Bees option is only $12.99, available at Target and has a thick consistency that makes your skin feel really moisturized. The Mama Mio butter is $34, available on their website or Buy Buy Baby and has a super luxe feel to it. It leaves your skin feeling really silky and hydrated. It also doesn't feel like lotion since it has a much lighter consistency - kind of like a watered down moisturizer but something that actually works! I bought one tub of each and at first used both at the same time until I felt it was pointless. I stuck to Burts Bees until I ran out and then finished off the Mama Mio butter until I ran out of that too. I'm 36 weeks now and super happy I only had to make one purchase of this stuff. The third option I didn't really care for, but am using now until I give birth, was this Bio-oil Skincare Oil for Scars and Stretchmarks.  It smells great and is backed by tons of reviews raving about this product, it just honestly wasn't for me. I think it's the oil consistency that I didn't care for and felt like it got a bit messy. I also felt waiting for the oil to sit and dry before putting a shirt on took forever, so meh! I don't doubt it works and I also don't hate it, it's just a second best option for me. Also for the record, I don't have stretch marks yet, so these products definitely worked unless I just got lucky!

3. Mary's Ruth Prenatal + Iron

These two have been lifesavers! Back story, I have a phobia of swallowing pills, so those huge prenatal pills were absolutely out of the question. In fact, before I got pregnant, I made sure to find options that would work for me! I chewed gummy supplements, but they tasted like candy so it felt like I wasn't actually doing anything other than spiking up my sugar lol. I then found Mary's Ruth and haven't turned back! Pre-pregnancy, I used their multivitamin and probiotic supplements, so I was super excited to find they also offered a prenatal, postnatal and iron supplement in liquid form. I've purchased three tubs of each (one for each trimester) and will definitely purchase another set to get me through 4th trimester. Huge Mary's Ruth fan over here, 10/10 recommend!

4. 8 Sheep Organics Sleepy Lotion 

Okay. Put 10 of these in your cart to have forever. Pregnancy insomnia really does happen and totally hit me around 20ish weeks. I'd wake up at 2am and go back to sleep at like 4 or 5am every night without fail. Every time I'd wake up, I'd check my phone and just hope it was closer to 3am so that I'd at least feel better, but some days I got so unlucky I'd wake up at 1am. I went weeks like this before finding this lotion and I'm only pissed I didn't purchase it sooner because it works! First of all, it's made of a handful of ingredients that all work to soothe thus helping you get a good night sleep. Remember the rib pain I mentioned earlier? GONE. Lower back pain? BYE! Restless nights? TOO BUSY SLEEPING TO KNOW HER! It has tons of amazing reviews, I feel like it can't just be me that believes in this lotion. The best part is you can also use it even if you're not pregnant and they also offer a lotion for your little ones! I purchased the 4oz tub in lavender scent and has been more than enough to last me all third trimester long. Ready to catch some Z's? Head here to learn more and to shop. 

5. Heating Pad

Pre-sleepy lotion, I started feeling occasional lower back pain that only a heating pad could help fix. I'd do some yoga stretches to help, but it wasn't always the most conventional thing to do while wanting to just relax, ya know? Plugging in a heating pad and letting my lower back warm up always felt extremely cozy and really helped soothe the aches. Not sure if this helped too, but I cranked up the yoga during my third trimester, so my back pain has been very little to none these days! However, when it acts up, I definitely turn to the heating pad before rubbing my magic lotion at night. 

Pregnancy has been an educational journey and I've honestly loved finding my way through trial and error. Next time around, I know exactly what products I'm reaching for and shoot, maybe by then there'll be even better products to try! Beyond this list, I don't think I actually used much more that I'd say made a huge difference in my life, but if I think of anything else, I'll come back to share it. Anyway, up next on my list of pregnancy must-haves are my wardrobe picks! That'll be a fun one to write. Stay tuned and chat soon!


Melissa Victoria

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