Baby Shower Floral Arrangements

17 February 2022

It's no shocking news (especially if you follow me on Insta) that I LOVE playing with flowers. Flowers bring me so much joy and there's nothing I love more than creating something fresh for our home or an event. For our baby shower, I of course took charge of flowers and loved how they came out, so in this post, I'm teaching you how to recreate the look. To preface this post, I've taken a few floral design courses, so while I do have some experience learning techniques, I still think this design is very achievable for beginners. Let's go over what you need to get started!


Vase - I used $2 cereal bowls from Target.

Chicken Wire - You can also use floral foam, chicken wire is just easier to work with in my opinion.

Stem Snippers - You can purchase these from Michael's or any craft store. I also have extremely sharp scissors that also work.

Foliage/Greenery: For this design, I worked with three types of greens. I don't actually remember the names of each, but I just go off of what matches and what will give me the most stems to play with. 

Main Flowers: I worked with white roses, spray roses and white carnations.

Decorative Stems: I used a pop of blue and another white flower as something extra.

How To

1. Take your chicken wire and cut a piece large enough you can mold into a 'pillow' that fits right into your vase. I almost gave up working with chicken wire because the roll I purchased was on the thicker side - first time user mistake lol. When you use a roll that's thinner, it makes creating a pillow much easier!

2. Begin with your greenery. I knew I wanted something asymmetrical, so I placed one stem up high and one down low to make that the height and width of my arrangement. Continue to fill in your greenery until you have a full vase. Make sure to spin the vase around a few times to cover the edges and all angles. 

3. Now that you have a lush base, fill in the empty spots with your flowers in an asymmetrical manner. Start with the roses since they're larger followed by the smaller carnations and spray roses. In all, I believe I used 5 roses, 4-5 carnations and two stems of spray roses. 

4.  Finally, decorate your arrangement with your filler stems and you're done - easy! 

Maybe it's just me, but I really thought it was a dreamy look for a baby shower. I love powder blue and loved how the accessories and flowers pulled it all in together to create a perfect winter look. Anyway, hope this was easy enough to follow, chat with you all soon!

Melissa Victoria

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