Piñata Halloween Costume

18 October 2017

Hey hey!  I'm back with a new costume this week and let me tell you, this one was super fun to make.  Who doesn't love a piñata at birthday parties?  It's my absolute favorite part and always look forward to what kind of candy or goodies will pop out.  Anyway, this costume was just as basic to make as they come.  I basically took a dress I found at a thrift store and glued party streamers from the Dollar Tree all around the front of the dress, then added a little tail to complete the look.  Let's go over all the details!

You'll Need

Dress - I chose a red dress as my base, but this is up to you. 
Streamers - You can get a two pack of streamers at the Dollar Tree.  There are several different colors to choose from, also!
Glue gun & glue
1 Safety Pin
Optional: Party hat, noise maker or any other party accessory.

How To

1. With your streamers, take the roll and measure the width of the dress and multiply it by two. 
2. Cut two pieces of this length streamer to end up with four total pieces of each color streamer.

3. Once you have your streamer pieces cut, stack each piece on top of one another, and cut 1/2" - 3/4" snips up.  

4. Now that you have all pieces cut out, this is what it should look like. 

5. To glue, you'll want to start from the bottom up.  You can glue small strips at a time directly on the fabric, or the back of each streamer strip.  This is totally up to you and how fast or slow you work.  The glue tends to dry up fast, so you might want to work little by little. 

Your color scheme and the way you choose to design your piñata is totally up to you.  I just did four streams of colors at a time and if I ran out, I cut up a few more colors to complete the front of the dress.

6. To make your tail, just take the multiple colored streamers and cut long pieces (this length is your up to you).  You'll then just slip a safety pin through the streamers and attach it to the back of your dress. 
7. Optional- If you would like to cover the back of your dress, simply repeat steps 1-5.

Easy, right?  I spent about $15 to make this costume, so if you're looking for something cute on a budget, this one's for you!  Let me know if you have any questions at all and don't forget to tag me in your posts if you make this, or any, of the costumes in this series.  Chat with you all later!

Melissa Victoria

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