Cookie Monster Halloween Costume

29 October 2017

Is it really Halloween week already?  Usually I'm really excited to dress up, but this time around, I'm really sad because that means my DIY Halloween Costume series is just about over.  So much sadness but I had such a blast putting costumes together for you guys.  I'm so happy I did this because it really rekindled my love for crafting that I was slowly drifting away from.  I'm so inspired to put more series together!  Anyway, for my last costume, I made a suit that I completely identify with: Cookie Monster.  Fact, you cannot leave a cookie around me.  I WILL EAT.  This costume may look overwhelming because of the tulle skirt, but I promise it's super easy.  Let's go over what you need!

You'll Need:

1. A long blue long sleeve or t-shirt dress
2. Cookie Monster face template (I found this one here)
3. Elastic
4. Black and white felt paper
5. Blue tulle spools 
6. Glue gun
7. Scissors
8. Cookie clip art

How To

1. Cut out your face template and either trace it over your felt, or pin the eyes and mouth to the felt and cut around. 
2. Next, try your shirt/dress on and decide where you want to glue the eyes and mouth.  Anywhere above the waste line is perfect.  Glue the eyes and mouth on to your shirt with a glue gun.

3. To make your skirt, take the elastic and circle it around your waste.  It can fit as snug or loose as you'd like.  I took my real waste measurement and subtracted five inches for a snug fit.
4. Take your glue gun and glue one end of the elastic on top of the other. 

5. If you purchased tulle spools, you'll need to just measure the length you want your skirt to be, then multiply that number by two.  For example, I wanted a 20" skirt, so I cut a 40" strip.  I didn't count the exact number of strips I cut, but I can tell you guys there were several and I used all three blue spools and one glitter spool I purchased.
6. With each strip, make a simple knot around your elastic band.  To make this easier, you can stretch the band around a shoe box lid and use that to separate the front and back side of the skirt.
7.  Continue to tie knots until your skirt is as full as you want it to be. 

8. Finally, take the cookie clip art you printed and glue them around your skirt with a glue gun.

Yay! My first DIY Halloween Costume series is complete!  What a bittersweet feeling.  So happy I did this and so sad I have to wait until next year to make new costumes.  I'll start brainstorming now, but in the meantime, I need to figure out a new series for November!  I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial, along with the rest of my tutorials this month.  If you guys make any of these costumes, don't forget to post and tag me in them on Instagram!  I'll chat with you guys later.

Melissa Victoria

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