How I'm Manifesting the Best Year Ever

08 January 2021

Dudes. Was 2020 a weird year or what? It definitely flew by, yet feels like in the middle of my very long blink, I woke up and now it's 2021. I've tried writing this post all week, but every day has felt like the worst day to put thoughts together. I juggled from writing a sweet note to just diving in, and well, per the first week of 2021 it simply felt right to just dive in with my thoughts on how I'm going to work on doing good and being a better person to myself and others. Okay let's do this!

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1. Eat Well 

Of course I'm putting health first! I'm hyper-obsessed with having a great relationship with food and food simply makes me and my body feel happy. Years ago, I thought (from what I'd seen on social media) health meant to eat chicken, brown rice and broccoli all day long. Yuck. No thanks! That simply is not sustainable, also I reallyyyy hate broccoli lol. I don't eat healthy to get fit, I eat healthy to be healthy and that's an important concept that shaped my outlook on what I eat and ingredients I buy. This year, I really want to learn more about food. Food is medicine and I want to spend more time honing in on that concept to advance the meals Martin and I eat. We know what our go-to meals are, but I want to see more go-to meals centered around what supports our bodies. Things I want to work on are simply. being mindful of getting greens in however we can, learning what foods to eat when we feel achy, broadening out my grocery list and so much more! Exciting things to come in our kitchen this year and you know that I'll of course share any new recipes I test and try. 

2. Cope With Stress

In 2020 I learned I'm really good at stressing out lol. I always thought I was too easy going to stress about anything, but last year proved to me that I was actually really good at stressing about everything - ha! Honestly, it was probably a combination of what all happened plus having a career in Social Media. I could never essentially escape the world and by absorbing it all in, I wasn't prepared or knew how to release it. Late in 2020, I picked up Yoga and definitely plan on continuing on with this all throughout 2021. It not only gives my body a nice challenge, it also gives me a reason to let go of thoughts and set intentions to get me out of a funk.  I'm subscribed to CorePower and pay 20 bucks a month to take unlimited classes, so it's super worth it! Their app also has guided meditation which I just started doing every morning and so far, I'm noticing how much more zen I kick start my day. Too zen to be stressed all 2021 is the motto here!

3. Let Go and Pray

Along with working on what consumes my mind, it's important to me to also work on what consumes my heart. I'm no stranger to holding onto things that have made me mad in the past and let that build over time. Before Covid, Martin and I went to our local church where we frequently talked about loving and forgiving like Jesus, and that's literally just it. I'm human and I know I'll never be good enough to still love someone who disrespects me. But instead of hanging onto that rage, I want to make it a point to not let it control how I feel about them forever. I already pray for love to fill every dark corner of my heart, but that's not enough. I have to act this out and put it into real life. Of course things will annoy me and of course I'll have something to say, it's the act after the cause that I need help with. So, I'm starting off by setting my intentions through prayer and hoping to helps me be kinder to my heart, self and others. 

4. Workout Better

It literally takes 30-45 minutes a day. I genuinely like to exercise but I need to be on a schedule of some sort. My goal is to maintain weight, just tone up. To do that, I need to get into the routine of making sure I'm building throughout my body, ya know? Right now, I'm all over the place lol. One day I run, the next day I do legs, then I do legs again, and then I do some core work and likely am not making any progress lol. Getting into the groove of a solid schedule will help organize my routine and also make me feel so much happier about my progress. It's something I've been needing to do for some time, and now that I'm gym-less and have full range of at-home workouts, there isn't really an excuse to skip arms because the equipment is taken, ya know? Just gotta organize my schedule and make it a point to not skip a day either cause I'm also reallyyyy good at being like meh! I'll share my schedule here in a later post so you guys can follow along with me. 

5. Love More

Love languages are so real you guys. I think living with a partner brings this to center even more because it shows you how you're needed and how you want to be loved. Martin loves to hold hands all day and I think it's just him being needy. I love when Martin gives me words of affirmation, and he might think I'm being needy. Same with family, friends and strangers! Everyone knows the good saying, treat others the way you'd like to be treated, but I cannot fathom doing that when it comes to love. I would never want Martin to treat me the way he wants to be treated because that means he'd hug me all day and that sounds like suffocation to me LOL. Instead, I think it's easier to say treat others the way they want to be loved. When you get close to people, you understand more or less what makes them feel good - that's what I want to focus on. Being more present when I'm with people and learning to love outside of what makes me feel loved. I never want to encounter someone and not take the opportunity to show a single sign of love. It's also just a super feel good feeling, I don't know anyone who wouldn't want to be better at loving others! Plus, with all the chaos recent years have brought us, I think it's a good year to learn better ways of expressing love. 

I can add a thousand things to this but definitely think these five are my core points of concentration.  Such as life though, anything can happen, someone can really piss me off and all love flies out the window lol. Still, as a human, I know I can always evolve myself and work on simply being better. Someone suggested setting monthly intentions, which sounds like something I would love to do! It's like manifesting your month, the way I'm trying to manifest the best year ever with these thoughts. Anyway, I'll leave you here. I'm hoping this inspires you to set up your own intentions for the year and that we all have the best year ever. 


Melissa Victoria 

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